I came to photography in my late 30's during a long sabbatical from my legal career.

Since then I've tried to make the best images I can by simply watching the world go past me and trying to capture moments that otherwise go unnoticed. Life can be dark enough at times so I tend to gravitate towards the whimsical. For those who find this a "trivial" or hollow form of photography, you only have to look at the work of Erwitt, Uzzle, Ray-Jones, Kalvar, Parr, Stuart, Turpin and many others of that pedigree to see its heritage.

Unless otherwise stated, all my images are candid, unposed. and without any form of involvement on my part. If I had any influence on the scenes or the people and things in them, it was wholly unintentional.

I shoot almost exclusively with an analogue rangefinder camera.

"Brits" is a working title for an ongoing project. With the exception of the set about my late father, the remainder of the images are for fun.

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